Waxing Preparation and Aftercare

Before Waxing

To ensure you have the most optimal results from waxing, do the following before coming in for your appointment:

  • Verify your hair is long enough (approximately 1/4 of an inch). For most people, at least 2 weeks of hair growth is sufficient.
  • Shower and lightly exfoliate the area right before your appointment. ‚Äč
  • AVOID USING PRODUCTS ON YOUR SKIN BEFORE WAXING. Products like moisturizers and makeup can interfere with wax adherence which could lead to less satisfactory results.

After Waxing

To decrease unnecessary irritation or small pimples, avoid the following for 24 hours after your appointment:

  • Excessively touching the newly waxed area
  • Soaking the newly waxed area in a bath/water
  • Unnecessary heat exposure to the newly waxed area. This includes, but is not limited to: tanning beds, saunas, or steam rooms.
  • For Brazilian areas, sexual activity (24-48 hours)
  • Monitor newly waxed areas for redness. The redness should subside within 24 hours.

Always exfoliate before and after waxing. Exfoliation will help obtain the best results and decrease ingrown hair growth.