Other Services

Teeth Whitening $200
In 30 minutes or less, get noticeable whiter teeth!

Peach Plumping (Contact us for pricing)
Used on areas where you want to add a bit more volume. Butt or Hip Dip area. Does require several appointments to get lasting results

Body Contouring (Contact us for pricing)
Body contouring, can eliminate fat, shape areas of the body, and tighten skin. This is a nonsurgical option that uses different frequencies to help liquify fat cells and tighten the skin! Does require multiple sessions to get lasting results

Spray Tanning – Air Brush $45


Collagen Under-eye Mask $10
Lip Scrub and Mask $10
Parrifan Hand Dip $10
Can be added to any service but a spray tan!

Hydro-Jelly Mask $10
Upgrade to a jelly mask that is targeted to treat your skin concerns! Can only be added to facials

High Frequency $10
High frequency helps kill bacteria. Great if you have active acne and want to really make sure it doesn’t come back

Re-gen $10
Can be added to express lash lifts, express brow laminations, or just brow/lash tints! Helps nourish!

Micro Nose $10
If you just want to get the blackheads out the nose area without a full micro facial, this is what you want! Can only be added onto facial services

Rapid Spray Tan $10