Eyebrow Waxing

Brow Shaping $23
Using hard wax to shape the brows and tweezing any excess hairs

Brow Tinting $23
Using a custom blend of colors to tint and darken your brow hairs

Brow Makeover $40
A wax and tint together for brows that are ready for you to wake up and go!

Express Brow Overhaul $100
Brow lamination, tinting, and shaping

Keratin Brow Overbaul $120
Everything in our regular brow overhaul but with the keratin system to help your brow hairs grow and be extra nourished

Facial Waxing

Lips $15
Chin $15
Front of Neck $10
Sideburns $15
Nose $15
Earlobes $15
Using hard wax to remove the hair on different parts of the face

Hairline Cleanup $30
Waxing the back of the neck to remove baby hairs and create a sharp line

Women’s Full Face $50
Includes lips, chin, sideburns, and cheeks. From the orbital bone down to the jawline. Brows are not included

Men’s Full Face $40
Includes nose, ears, and brows. Note: We can not wax a man’s beard area due to how deeply rooted the hair follicles are. We can off a cheek wax to just clean up the beard line on the face

Body Waxing

Underarms $30
Half Legs $55
Full Legs $85
Entire Leg (Leg + Bikini) $100
Half Arms $45
Full Arms $60
Chest or Back $60
Waxing Different parts of the Body.

Basic Bikini $45
*females only*
Waxing the area that falls outside the bikini line up to 3 fingers length. Anything more is considered a half leg

Extended Bikini $55
*females only*
A bit more than a basic. Includes going into the bikini area without touching the labia or backside

New Brazilian $75
*females only*
This is if you have never been to see us at Anchored Aesthetics before, or it’s been more than 6 weeks since your last Brazilian wax with us

Brazilian $65
*females only*
This is a return maintenance waxing, meaning it’s been 5 weeks or less

Vagicial $50
Facial for the pubic area. Targets ingrown hairs

Full Body $150+
Full leg, Brazilian, and underarms. Pricing starts at $150